Rwanda’s 7 demands to Uganda irk Belgium based CMI loudmouth Seruga

CMI anti-Rwanda social Media missiles have always made people wonder what kind of criteria is followed in their recruitment.

I mean, it is as if when they were sent a list by the recruitment panel, and instead of picking the crème de la crème, CMI decided to turn the list upside down, and selected those with gaps in their heads. Just take a look at the line-up of CMI Blog and social media propagandists and you will get what I am saying.

Case in point, CMI’s Belgium based loudmouth, Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa, is a waste of resources. His post Valentine’s day post could probably be an indication that his Belgian man dumped him. I heard someone comment that he went to exile in Belgium fleeing from common sense in Uganda. But looking at the composition of the CMI itself, you realise that if this was the case, the intelligence organ would be a ghost entity. But I digress.

Echoing his masters’ crave for the border to be opened, Serubwa decides to use the usual CMI style of reverse psychology, and in his post, suggests that Uganda is not dying to see Gatuna border opened but as mentally deranged fellow, he has no idea of how much Uganda has lost in billions of Shillings ever since Rwanda closed her common border with Uganda.

Going by Seruga’s claptrap, and believe that it were the case, we would not be waking up to his posts yapping for border opening because CMI would not have any use for him.

Serubwa claims ‘since close of the border security has been tremendous with zero high profile assassinations’ and you wonder whether Rwanda used to ferry missiles through Gatuna border to use for the ‘assassinations’ and whether Rwanda manned the border on both sides. What about Kagitumba and Cyanika? Since he says that people have continued to go to Uganda by air, wasn’t this another avenue for the ‘high profile assassinations to be carried out? But then, contradictions are the order of the day in the world of CMI; but that won’t stop them of accusing others of the same. It’s called projection.

And, talking about the end to high profile assassinations, what about the reports of the slaying of a high profile cleric shot dead just the other day? Is the border open already?

In another inane contradiction, the nutty Serubwa claims that ‘Uganda released those unknown to be under lawful detention because they had been charged in courts of law.’ This is the reason he is a waste of resources because he posts issues he knows nothing about.

To avoid endless embarrassment (if they have the sense to be embarrassed), CMI should keep updating their lapdog seeing he is far away from reality. That is if both parties even understand what ‘lawful’ detention means.

We all know that had it not been as a result of pressure, CMI would have remained adamant that there are no Rwandans in their safe houses. As for Rwanda ‘holding 50 Ugandans’ this is just a long shot in the woods, and they all know nothing will ever come out. Rwanda has duly presented the lists of her nationals in CMI dungeons, no one has ever made mention, let alone present the list of Serubwa’s fictious ‘50 Ugandans.’

Due to the Valentine’s Day heartbreak, Serubwa continues to rage ‘there has not been a single terror attack in Rwanda’ and therefore Rwanda’s claims that terrorists have been facilitated by Uganda are farfetched. It is possible that the winter ice is forming in Serubwa’s head, otherwise he would be aware of the serial grenade attacks that were orchestrated by a network coordinated from Kampala, led by Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya. Rwanda has since broken the network through the arrest of those involved in the acts, who also divulged incriminating information.

CMI lapdog Serubwa thinks the extradition treaty between Uganda and Rwanda would make Rwanda ‘cook up cases against Ugandans of Rwandese origin’ but you are led to wonder whether Ugandan authorities don’t have the cognitive abilities to differentiate between what is ‘cooked’ and what is not, apparently CMI has no confidence in their own leadership.

But then, the highlight of Serubwa’s post is hilariously hilarious. Everyone Yes laughs out loud too while reading this rubbish; In CMI’s mouthpieces stupid reasoning, CHOGM is synonymous with Museveni, the scandals of CHOGM 2007 notwithstanding. The question is, is Museveni the Queen? I am sure her presence would not stop CHOGM from happening too.

Finally, Serubwa and CMI should get it into their slow heads the fact that Rwanda has never wished to ‘run Uganda from Rwanda’, and has never wished to make decisions on who ‘heads Uganda’s security.’

Rwanda’s humble wish, which she has unequivocally communicated on numerous occasions through diplomatic and other avenues, is for the maintenance of neighbourly relations in the spirit of Pan Africanism and following the East African Community protocols.

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