RNC’s nincompoop Sulah Nuwamanya, the self-appointed Government of Uganda proxy

Poor Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabiligi the retard has gotten so comfortable in the arms of his concubine Prossy Bonabaana that he has started feeling like he is now the King of Uganda. That is why he now throws around words like “Let it be clear to him, no one will allow……” while addressing Heads of State. But he is a dim-witted nincompoop; there is nothing anyone can do about his state.

Sulah the retard has gotten to that level of comfort that he has forgotten all about his wife and children who are being taken care of by Rwandan tax payers (the same people he insults on a weekly basis) after he abandoned them and went to Kampala to live with his fellow terrorist Prossy.

In his state, Nuwamanya has also forgotten that Prossy’s husband could one day knock on the door abruptly seeing that Fugitive Nyamwasa’s RNC bases in DR Congo have been completely dismantled. But as they say, stupid people and the dead share one thing in common: the fact that only those around them know the state they are in.

Closing or opening Rwandan borders has never been nutty Nuwamanya’s business; one wonders why he keeps yapping about the border closure; but those who knows his financial status understands this better than anyone else; slandering a whole Head of State and his leadership is all that makes him smile his way to CMI office for the paycheque.

But before I conclude, I would like someone close to Nuwamanya the retard to translate most of the things he wrote, because it looks like he wrote in a language similar to English. For example, what did he want to convey here? what does the word “develish xter” mean? This is only to point out a few, but I would advise him to use voice notes because this would be a better communication means for someone with the level of his IQ.

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