Nutty Corporal Nyamwasa predicts loss for Uganda’s NRM

CMI trolls have been instructed to adopt the strategy of designating Rwanda as the fall guy. The plan is to blame Rwanda for all NRM Government failures, in order to give their paymaster talking points before Ugandans and NRM delegates, however awkward this may make them look in the process.

During the campaigns for re-election for their paymaster’s life Presidency, RNC goons led by Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa wants tell Ugandans that Rwanda prevented his bankroller from delivering services to them, and if they elect him, his priority would be to deal with Rwanda! Now all the CMI propaganda machinery have jumped onto the bandwagon and are blaming Rwanda on everything, including the collapsing economy, floods, their sponsor’s failing health, and climate change!

The cowardly corporal as he calls himself Nyamwasa, who has opted to post vitriol against Rwanda under the Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere alias, has come up with the award winning conspiracy theory to portray Rwanda as the culprit in NRM’s past present and future failures. In what seems like a pre-emptive rant in anticipation of failure by the NRM in the upcoming elections, the terrorist rants that Rwanda is planning to influence Rwandans living in Uganda to boycott the elections or vote against the NRM. This is a clear symptom of NRM panic.

But if this were to happen and Ugandans of Rwandan origin vote against the Ugandan ruler and his NRM, would anyone blame them after the manner in which the Ugandan ruler has treated nationals of Rwanda. Instead of blaming Rwanda, the NRM should take a good look in the mirror. The NRM does not need enemies because it is its own enemy. Decades of making bad choices are the principal cause of their quandaries.

Also, the latest attempt to draw the Rwandan community into the NRM mess is portentous because it can only point to the fact that this could be used as a pretext to harm them ahead of the elections in order to intimidate them into electing the NRM. The talk about Rwandan plans is just a diversion.

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