CMI-RNC sponsored clown Gideon Rugali joins “Genocide denialism” campaign

The conflicted show off has joined the party too late, but trust him, the self-conceited Gideon Rukundo Rugari had to weigh in, never the man to miss an opportunity to show off.

Although he understands some Kinyarwanda, it doesn’t bother him that he knows that all the CMI sponsored anti-Rwanda platforms have been there, deliberately quoted out of context Gen. Kabarebe’s speech and moved on.

It is not a question of comprehension, because what Gen. Kabarebe in his speech was all in black and white, that the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi (officially recognised and recorded by the UN and the international Community) happened in Rwanda and that the perpetrators are known and some are still at large. It is therefore incumbent upon Rwandan leaders from top to bottom, to tell the Rwandan youth about the true history of their country so that Rwandans can live in peace and harmony, without divisions of any nature.

But the psychologically conflicted Rugari has no flicker of conscience. For if he did, he would have thought twice and refrained from joining the evil choir singing off key, just to spare what remains of his self-respect. But unfortunately, he is left with none.

There is a Kinyarwanda saying that forbids people to tie their goats near a goat (pun intended!) with bad behaviour. It is apparent that hanging out for a long time with Minister Philemon Mateke has irreparably infected Rugari with the dreaded genocide ideology virus.

The disgraced Doctor is now peddling genocide denial with careless abandon. It is clear now that Rugali’s combination of ambition and obsessive desire to show off are out of control. He is going way overboard.

From fantasising with Rwanda’s former Miss Rwanda and now genocide denial?! At this rate, even his sponsor should be afraid because the man is loose cannon. The Government of Uganda should read the signs soon enough to avoid the burden of having to apologise on his behalf in future once Rugali (God forbid) gets that Parliamentary seat he lusts about.

Minister Mateke’s Twitter scandal should serve the Uganda Government a good lesson to avoid manufacturing more diplomatic embarrassments going forward. Conflicted Rugali should be advised to mind his mental health and let Rwandans be because they will be fine.

As a trained medical practitioner he is expected to pick the early signs of his mental plumbing starting to disintegrate. In spite of his loose mental nuts, he is aware (like everyone else in the world) that the RDF General he so carelessly vilifies is a General by merit, unlike the overrated generals in his backyard.

It is not by lottery that he served those three armies as Rugari states. He is an accomplished world class General, whose national reconciliation and Rwandan unity credentials are not in any doubt whatsoever.

Rugali says: “…was always going to find it difficult to have allegiance to anyone of the three states,” this shows that Rugali is not as intelligent as he invariably wants people to believe, otherwise he would know that Gen. Kabarebe, like all RDF rank and file, pledge allegiance to Rwanda and its people, irrespective of wherever else they may serve, or have served, for different reasons.

It is no secret that RDF troops are sought after the world over, as peacekeepers due to their impeccable credentials which include professionalism, heroism, bravery and patriotism. The disgraced Rugari should perhaps look around him and he will definitely realise that its only RDF and RNP that have sent peacekeepers in more than one country in Africa and beyond, and this is not by mere coincidence.

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