Kagame’s success giving “Professor” Kambanda sleepless nights

By Gahigi

Yesterday Charles Kambanda wrote yet another bizarre story on his facebook page. The story, carrying the title, “Kagame: The Conspicuous Absentee in Davos” attempted to insinuate that President Paul Kagame “for the first time” was not invited to Davos, the meeting of global leaders on issues of economic transformation.

First things first, President Kagame was in fact invited to Davos, as has been the case year in and year out. This year, his busy schedule forced him to send his foreign affairs minister, Dr. Vincent Biruta to represent him. If Kambada was not too ignorant he would have to explain how Davos found it necessary to invite Dr. Biruta while at the same time “snubbing” President Kagame. Isn’t Kambanda a “Professor?”

Surely his ignorance can’t be to the point of not understanding basic matters of state protocol, particularly in regards to choosing to honor an invitation by attending in person or sending an emissary.

Only fools like Kambanda and his colleague Himbara, with titles that their brains cannot support, can make such preposterous statements. Interestingly, Kambanda concludes his post by affirming his ignorance despite the foolish claims. “I do not know,” he writes in response to his own question regarding Kagame’s absence at Davos.

If Kambanda wanted to write about Presidents who were absent at Davos he should have written about their boss, President Museveni, who last year found himself meandering there all the while not finding anyone to talk to because it was his first time there and Davos club members didn’t know him enough to engage him. Everyone saw the pictures where he ended up holding meetings with people like Winnie Byanima who he could have met at Entebbe State House back home. Yes, Museveni was that bored!

Snoops tells us that it was Winnie Byanyima who had pushed to get him invited. In the end he was so angry at her for the embarrassment of isolation that he departed for Uganda before the event ended. So there was no one to invite him this time around and no one to get angry at for isolating and embarrassing him. Kambanda and Himbara could learn from this embarrassing experience.

Meanwhile, President Kagame enjoyed a successful meeting in London where he gave a public lecture at the International School for Government at the prestigious Kings College, London. The school also committed to establish a public service training centre in Kigali. How’s that for success? More proof that Kagame’s schedule was filled is that on that same morning he held a breakfast meeting with 50 investors in different sectors and urged them to invest in Africa. The meeting was also attended by HRH Prince Willliam, Duke of Cambridge, who had earlier received President Kagame at Buckingham Palace. All Kambanda needs to do is google for the story and the pictures to go along!

Kagame’s delegation also held a meeting with their colleagues at the Common Wealth regarding preparations for this year’s CHOGM General Assembly that will take place in Kigali this summer. If Kambanda wasn’t a fool he would know that the meeting was also a success, with delegates expressing satisfaction that Rwanda was on schedule regarding all aspects of the preparations.

Kambanda, Himbara, and their friend Wilson at the Financial Times can go console themselves with their friends if Kagame’s success is giving them sleepless nights.

They should know that while President Kagame was very busy doing all the above, their boss President Museveni was busy explaining to Allan Kasuuja of the BBC how he has lost 30 Kgs by eating cassava, Irish potatoes and Millet! 😂😂

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