Sex-for-grades Professor Kambanda diverts attention as his RNC top leadership crumbles

Charles Kambanda, the sex-for-grades infamy is a bitter man. The nutty professor is embittered by the fact that in spite of his ill wishes, Rwanda has continued to scale the heights, politically, economically and socially.

The failed lawyer is particularly pained by Rwanda’s cordial diplomatic relations with Qatar. While the defiler continues to wish for the collapse of Rwanda, the country continues to make beneficial relationships with like-minded nations for the benefit of the people.

The defiler’s anger is aggravated by the fact that he is broke, he is struggling to make a living as his “smear Rwanda” campaign flops. As the disgraced professor runs out of options; he resorts to slander the Rwandan Head of State hoping that his attacks would impact on the existing good relations between Rwanda and Qatar in vain.

Now look, their paymaster is facing an economic collapse, with a huge trade deficit. The country is facing trade difficulties with all neighbours, including Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda. The RNC is reflective of their paymaster’s economic situation.

The conflicted sex-for-grades professor Kambanda should be more concerned about his terror outfit RNC whose top leadership is crumbling; top bankroller Rujugiro is turning off the taps. The paymaster’s situation is too much stress for him to give enough attention to the terrorists. They are on their own. What terrorists like rapist Kambanda are left with are futile rants.

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