Professor Kambanda, Sex-for-grades Specialist, wants to prosecuted the 9 released Rwandans in RNC Kangaroo court

Wannabe lawyer, Charles Kambanda alias prof. sex-for-grades behaves like those show-off teenage high school boys from irresponsible but affluent families.

Such boys like to show off their latest toys given to them by their parents, so that they can win over girls and earn the admiration of fellow boys who they often influence into bad behaviour because these show offs often have nothing else to offer in the academic department.

This analogy fits the description of RNC propagandist Kambanda, because, like the show off teenagers, he likes to show off common legal jargon at every opportunity he gets. Unfortunately, in his desperate effort to sound like a sophisticated lawyer, he ends up sounding like a clown.

The con professor is known to be an individual who is obsessed with attention and cannot stay in a place where he gets none. That is how he joined the Rwanda National Congress led by terrorsit Kayumba Nyamwasa, where he also got the opportunity to hide from accusations of rape from his former students at University of Rwanda (former UNR) and genocide denial from genocide survivors.

RNC provides Kambanda with not only the opportunity to show off legal jargon but also a platform to disguise himself by putting on the ‘political activist’ cap. At RNC, he joins the association of fugitives where criminals masquerade as victims of political persecution.

Charles Kambanda is not known to be one to miss the opportunity to show off even if he has to enter the arena through the window. The release of 9 innocent Rwandan previously held in Uganda without charge presents him the chance to belch all the legal terms he has memorised over time as an imposter. He has joined other RNC trumpeters in trying to indirectly protest the release, because clearly the RNC gang is not happy about the thaw in the bad relationship between Uganda and Rwanda. It doesn’t serve their sinister interests.

Like the rest in the devil’s orchestra, the disgraced professor is trying to discredit even the little progress registered as the two countries seek to implement the Luanda MoU towards the normalization of their relations. But apparently, Kambanda’s main focus is to teach us a new legal jargon, nolle prosequi. He repeats it so many times and uses the term quite redundantly that you can’t miss his point. The rest of his arguments are just gibberish, as he seems not to realise that it’s too late to appeal for the re-abduction of the released innocent Rwandans.

The failed lawyer finds fault in the fact that Rwandans believe their released compatriots were victims of a political agenda, and should never have been abducted and detained in the first place. He fails to state why he believes that the Rwandans were not released because of lack of evidence against them. Rwandans believe, and rightly so, that had there been evidence against the Rwandans, those released and others yet to be released, they would never have been kept in custody for that long without being produced in a court of law. The fact that there was a lot of dilly-dallying about their detention is evidence that there was no evidence.

“Rwanda’s claim was erroneous in law and conventional diplomacy,” says the disgraced professor. The old man with a juvenile mind suggests that Rwanda, which is fighting for the rights of its innocent citizens who were abducted and detained without charge is in error, as he tries to sanitise the act of abduction and incarceration of innocent nationals of another country. One fails to understand how someone who wants people to believe he is a legal expert can consider such an act to within the confines of ‘law and conventional diplomacy.’ But then you remember who Charles Kambanda is and sigh.

The nutty professor’s poor analysis of the situation seeks to plead for the RNC and other terror outfits which fear that if Uganda and Rwanda solve their problems, their terror cells will be left without cover. This is the main reason why RNC minions, like Kambanda, Gideon Rukundo Rugali, Prossy Bonabaana, Sulah Nuwamanya, Titus Seruga, RPF Gakwerere and others have been roaming around condemning the Ugandan government for having taken a step in the implementation of the Luanda MoU. For them they wish that the Uganda Government ignores the Luanda MoU and continue facilitating and supporting their activities. But what Kambanda and his henchmen forget is that nations cannot act like individuals or criminal political formations, as they have to look at the wider picture, influenced mainly by their national interests.

The RNC’s sex-for-grades Professor Charles Kambanda should be reminded that nobody is intimidated by the common legal jargon he keeps using, so he should just have said “to be unwilling to pursue.” But of course we know that humility is not one of his values.

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