Fugitive Nyamwasa defending “partner in crime” Nyirigira’s daughter

Rwanda National Congress leader fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa has become the advocate of Jackie Umuhoza, a daughter to his partner in crime and fellow terrorist Deo Nyirigira. With his hypocrite character, the terrorist wants to attract attention from his few followers that, he is advocating for rights of an innocent girl yet himself is a convict of crimes against humanity.

Jackie Umuhoza who lives in Rwanda was arrested by the Rwandan Investigation Bureau on suspicion of espionage and treason charges. Ever since she was arrested and RIB announced that she is under investigation, Nyamwansa under his anonymous Facebook Page “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” never ceases to sensitize about her innocence. But one can be certain that the fugitive is afraid of what Umuhoza will reveal during her trial.

It is not sympathy that Nyamwasa is showing to Umuhoza and her family but rather his fear of what can come out of her since he’s very sure that it will all be about him and his plans to destabilize Rwanda. Just like his 25 militias who were arrested in Minimbwe (DRC) spilled the bean, the fugitive is restless that more information could be revealed by Umuhoza.

One can be sure that if Jackie ever says something that won’t please terrorist Nyamwasa, he will disown her as he did for his 25 militias on trial in Rwanda, yet he is the one who sent them to the Congolese jungles to fight for his own interest. The man is a traitor.

For Umuhoza, being daughter of Deo Nyirigira who is currently the coordinator of the RNC Executive Committee in Uganda, its Chief Recruiter and a personal friend to fugitive Nyamwasa, people should expect more of such illogical innocence claims spread by the Lunatic Nyamwasa and his entire RNC minions.

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