CMI’s conflicted agent Seruga throws insults at the Rwandan leadership as he shapes the already crashed “border closure” narrative

Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa, the Ugandan asylum seeker in Belgium now serving the people he fled from, the CMI, in their evil designs against Rwanda is a funny fella. The CMI mouthpiece is irritated that Rwanda’s reaction was not similar to that of hungry and long besieged refugees upon receiving relief food, when Uganda recently released 9 innocent Rwandans who had been illegally held for more than two years without any charge. This brings out the disdain with which CMI regards Rwandans, because they expected them to forget that there were more Rwandans still incarcerated where the 9 came from.

The denied asylum seeker Seruga and now CMI mouthpiece is definitely voicing the general sentiments of his bosses, who expected that Rwanda would stop advocating for her nationals who are still languishing in Ugandan prisons, no way nine is not all; all Rwandans in illegal detentions should be released unconditionally regardless of anti-Rwanda goons’ yapping.

We should ignore that the faggot refers to the released Rwandans as ‘criminals’ and concentrate on the way this comes out. ‘Everyone’ expected Rwanda’s response to Uganda’s gesture….’ One what does Seruga mean by ‘everyone’? The reality is Seruga’s ‘everyone’ means all those Rwandan fugitives roaming around the globe aiming at smearing Rwanda and undermining her leadership.

We all know that Uganda was not being charitable to Rwanda by releasing the 9 Rwandans and the other dozens they secretly dumped at the border at intervals previously. The ‘gesture’ is rather a reaction to pressure by leaders and other players in the region and around the world who expect Uganda to respect the Luanda MoU for peace to prevail in the region.

Titus and his CMI sponsors know thoroughly well that the release of the 9 innocent Rwandans is not the only issue Uganda should address in the Luanda MoU. There are others like support and facilitation to militias groups that are mobilising to destabilise Rwanda as well as running anti-Rwanda media campaigns that slander the Rwandan Head of State and his cabinet.

It is therefore arrogant on the part of the CMI and whoever else in Uganda expects Rwanda to jump and celebrate the release of the innocent Rwandans because this is just a small step towards solving the impasse. It is myopic arrogance to expect things to go back to factory settings by merely releasing 9 Rwandans, and actually an insult to the intelligence and dignity of Rwandans.

Titus should go and tell his CMI bankroller that Rwanda is not interested in what he calls ‘critics’ of Rwanda, they can keep them. What Rwanda wants is the release of her hundreds of innocent nationals rotting in Ugandan prisons and security agents’ torture cells and halt to facilitation of recruitment and logistics for terror groups who have established bases in DR Congo to destabilise peace in Rwanda.

Seruga should be reminded that EAC Treaty allows free movement of people, goods and services; Rwandans should move freely in Uganda just like Ugandans are freely moving and conducting various businesses in Rwanda, in the spirit of the East African Community. If they expect Rwanda to settle for less, then they need to fully address Rwanda’s concerns.

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