Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, AKA Gakwerere, 2020 Diversion Tactics

Despite his catastrophic 2019 year and the implosion of his Rwanda National Congress, Kayumba Nyamwasa is still busy with his online smear attacks of Rwandan Leaders and public figures. Determined to exert some petty revenge, he targets security officials that have faulted his numerous plots to destabilize Rwanda.

One of his favorite targets, Gen. James Kabarebe, has been called all names by the fugitive. At times, Kayumba says Kabarebe is under house arrest (the next day he is seen attending events) and shortly after he will claim Kabarebe is about to be the President of Rwanda. The terrorist will truly write anything about Gen. Kabarebe.

In part, his attack is due to the fact that Kabarebe recently brought to light key facts on the fugitive RNC leader. “Numuhemu” – He is a traitor – said Gen. Kabarebe about Kayumba. These words were backed up with serious evidence that Kayumba could not ignore. The world got a glimpse into the real character of the fugitive terrorist.

Kayumba Nyamwasa is a cattle thief, a land grabber, a person so consumed with his self-interests that he will ally with Genocidal maniacs to reach his goal. The corrupt nature of Kayumba Nyamwasa is also crumbling his terrorist outfit.

RNC criminals constantly wrangle over RNC money which Kayumba embezzles to spend on his private businesses in South Africa and Mozambique. He uses RNC money to maintain his luxurious comfort and lifestyle in his hideout in South Africa; while others are sent to their certain death in East Congo.

Fugitive Kayumba has been very busy killing his fellow criminals and forcing others out. Even his trusted goon, Jean-Paul Turayishimye who used to protect his children has been forced out (See Picture below). Kabarebe’s assessment of terrorist Kayumba was spot on.

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