RNC’s conflicted Rugali will dance to any tune as long as he’s shown money

The conflicted character, Rukundo Rugali never ceases to shock people, as he tries to achieve his objective of becoming a Ugandan legislator. But like the legendary hyena, he wants to follow two paths (he would attempt to follow more if sees money and fame in them) and eventually he will tear through his ass.

While he tries to pull all the monkey tricks in order to impress and be noticed by the powers that be so that he can gain entry into the Ugandan Parliament, he is at the same time vying to be the top RNC executive, by outperforming everyone else in spewing anti Rwanda terrorism propaganda. He is serving two masters, or attempting to kill two birds with one stone.

But everyone has come to know the disgraced doctor as an unstable character. He is always all over the place, he can’t maintain loyalty to one master. His loyalty lies where there is money. It is a no brainer to predict that he would let go of one his present obsessions if a more lucrative one presents. Otherwise, how does he expect to serve the RNC while serving as the Ndorwa Constituency member of Parliament? Show the conflicted Rugali money and he will dance to any tune. He has no conscience, no morals, let alone integrity.

For money, the disgraced Doctor doesn’t find a problem with being an advocate of terrorism against Rwanda. That is why he doesn’t find a problem in sanitising terrorists like Patrick Karegeya and referring to them as ‘heroes’ and equating them to RPA fallen heroes. There is no bottom to what conflicted Rugali can do for money.

That is why he once was an accomplice of the PRA rebels, selling them medicine meant to save lives of poor Ugandans, and when his subversive activities were uncovered, he fled to Rwanda, only to be bought back to Uganda and since it was realised his problem is money, he is being paid as RNC propagandist to smear Rwanda.

The bankrolling by Generals Elly Tumwine and Deputy IGP Sabiti Muzeyi have kept him serving diligently for the RNC, with prospects of a seat in Parliament, but trust me, the bankrollers also know too well that he would switch sides in a second if someone else paid him more money. That is the conflicted Rugali for you.

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