Mentally deranged CMI-RNC Gideon Rugali cries wolf as Mateke’s evil agenda on Rwanda unfolds

A nation should be afraid when its Doctors decide to become hired internet trolls whose first daily morning routine is to post baseless attacks on another country, instead of being in hospitals conducting ward rounds to save peoples’ lives. Apparently, this is not a concern in Corrupt Museveni’s regime.

The Disgraced Gideon Rukundo Rugali is one of those who have abandoned their noble professional training to pursue vocations that are beckoned by inherent greed.

Being a shrewd and cunning individual, disgraced Rugali knows that working for corrupt Museveni’s anti Rwanda project is more lucrative than the noble medical profession. Throw in the prospects of being assisted by the first family to become a member of the Ugandan Parliament, and you will see clearly why Rugali is so dedicated and willing to sell his soul to the devil, literally.

The conflicted Gideon Rugali is trying to outdo all other trolls hired by Museveni’s regime and CMI to attack Rwanda and its leadership. Lately, he has stepped up his Facebook posts with all sorts of fabrications, lies, concoctions, distractions, all in attempt to sanitise and win the favour of his master, corrupt Museveni.

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Among his popular distractions is to try and absolve Museveni’s favourite Minister, Mateke of any wrongdoing, in spite of overwhelming evidences of him working with terrorists working to harm Rwandans. He says the Rwandan leadership wants the Minister dead yet he is the one coordinated attacks that have claimed innocent Rwandan lives, the conflicted Rugali doesn’t say why Mateke of all Ugandan Ministers!

In his baseless claims, Conflicted Rugali says that Rwanda wants citizenship of Ugandans critical of Rwanda revoked. How ridiculous can one get to try achieving their ambitions?

In his ToRs as Museveni’s troll, conflicted Gideon Rugali has to make sure he throws all types of accusations in the way of Rwanda and her leadership, including accusing them of being responsible for deaths, natural disasters, diseases and accidents that happen to Rwandans inside and outside Rwanda.

While the whole world knows that Corrupt Museveni’s actions are driven by his desire to see a leadership change in Rwanda, conflicted Gideon Rugali has been briefed to project this the other way, to make it look like Rwanda’s valid accusations against Uganda are as a result of Rwanda’s interest of seeing his master Museveni deposed and Mateke thrown out of cabinet.

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We don’t see Rugali taking a rest, especially now that the Ugandan elections are drawing closer. The worst thing that could happen to him is to see Rwanda and Uganda solve the outstanding issues.

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