BREAKING: RNC Corporal Rugema Kayumba Fired From Norwegian Hotel

Every terrorist militia has a useful idiot willing to serve blindly unaware of dire consequences of terrorism. These tools are usually of way below average in intellect and intelligence and fooled by fake promises of fame and glory. The Rwandan National Congress (RNC) has just such a character, Corporal Rugema Kayumba, who exposes his stupidity on almost a daily basis on Facebook.

Corporal Rugema has striking similarities to a Sierra Leone Corporal Foday Sankoh, leader of the Revolutionary United Front (RUF), notorious for his hand amputation scheme. Easily manipulated by their sponsors and leaders (Corrupt Museveni and Kayumba in Rugema’s case), they go to any extreme lengths to please. Corporal Rugema Kayumba publicly confessed his RNC membership on his Facebook unaware that he is only being used the way Former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor used Corporal Sankoh.

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The RNC tool who was working in a hotel in Norway as a kitchen clear was recently fired for constantly fighting with his colleagues. He is now using his extra time to post, share and recycle Kayumba Nyamwasa’s anonymous blog operated under the “RPF Gakwerere” pseudo and sponsored by Corrupt Museveni. Rugema doesn’t question why he is told to use his real name while his boss uses a pseudonym. The question is too complex for him to formulate.

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Eventually, he will understand why they lure him to expose his criminal activity. For all the crimes committed under directive, Foday Sankoh found himself at the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity. He died in custody while awaiting trial. For all the crimes RNC commit against humanity in, Uganda (kidnapping, torturing and killing innocent Rwandans) , DR Congo (killing innocent Congolese nationals and raping women) and for the terrorist attacks it carried out on Rwanda, Corporal Rugema Kayumba will end like Corporal Sankoh. 

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This is just the beginning for the conflicted Corporal Rugema Kayumba; he will soon face terrorism and treasonous charges that his cousin and boss Kayumba Nyamwasa got him involved in.

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