RNC’s cynical propagandists recycling each other; Sulah Nuwamanya recycling fellow propagandist Gideon Rugali’s rubbish

Disgraced doctor turned conspiracy theorist, Gideon Rugali to celebrate flash floods on Christmas evening that cut of parts of lowlying Kigali, sweeping a car, prompting police to rapidly respond and also issue an advisory on the same. This way, a major catastrophe was averted, thanks to Rwanda’s community policing approach and the high level of trust that the Rwandan citizens have in their security organs.

Rain caused havoc in Uganda

Sulah Nuwamanya, the old man with a one-megabyte brain, cherishes attention but he is miserably limited by the size of his brain. That is why he behaves like a four-year-old toddler, mimicking whatever his senior Gideon Rugali posts. To stay afloat in the anti-Rwanda murky propaganda waters he boosts other people’s posts, but ends up being let down by his catastrophic language (English in this case) barrier.

Floods in Uganda

Joining his RNC terrorist comrade to rejoice and ululate at the predicament of Rwandans as a result of an inevitable natural disaster, Sulah Nuwamanya pretends to be a sangoma, whose ancestors have shown him that the flooding disaster (whose effects were mitigated by the always vigilant Rwanda National Police) was a sign of displeasure from the ‘gods.’

In his trademark kindergarten post on Facebook, he says the gods are unhappy because RNC militias have been decimated in DR Congo jungles and his fellow CMI-RNC spies have been apprehended and put through the process of due justice. Confused Nuwamanya also pretends to be compassionate about Rwema Gerderme, the man whose wife (Prossy Bonabaana) he took over and they are now spearheading RNC recruitment and mobilization activities in Uganda.

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