Yet another fiction on DR Congo From Museveni’s lapdog Gideo Rugali As “Rwanda destabilisation project” flops

With his Rwanda destabilisation project now completely in shambles, corrupt Museveni Mwene Kayibanda has now redirected his efforts to noxious propaganda against Rwanda.

His online anti-Rwanda propaganda team led by top RNC adherents like David Himbara, Gideon Rugali, Charles Kambanda et al are in overdrive, competing against each other in who makes the wildest conspiracy theory against Rwanda.

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Disgraced doctor turned conspiracy theorist, Gideon Rugali has opened the floor with the most insane theory, where he makes petty accusations against Rwanda; he borrows pieces the late Rev. Christopher Mtikila book, a known genocide revisionist and theorist.

The failed doctor who aspires to enter the Ugandan Parliament through the back door by attacking Rwanda to prove himself to his puppeteer Mwene Kayibanda, is recycling the tired theory about the ‘annexing of Eastern Congo’ and the ‘plunder of the region’s resources’ to help salvage his master’s badly damaged image.

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The same theory offers that when God was tucking natural resources like coltan, diamonds, gold, gas and oil, He did it guided by artificial colonial boundaries carved up in Berlin 130 years ago. The flawed anti-Rwanda theory provides that there cannot be any terrestrial resources once you cross from the DR Congo territory into Rwanda, and once found, should immediately be taken to the lost and found desk for the rightful owner to collect.

While dreaming up the anti-Rwanda theories, Rugali and other theorists under corrupt Museveni’s payroll, advance numerous factual mistakes and fabrications because they duly understand that their target audience is mostly made up of ignorant people who are not well versed with the geopolitical set up in the Great Lakes region. That is the reason they carelessly use words like RPA, to mean the Rwandan army, inkeragutabara as a ‘secret’ Rwandan army, while this is a reserve force constituted by the Rwandan policy.

All these theories, it should be noted, are aimed at trying to drag Rwanda into what is going on in DR Congo, where the Congolese army, FARDC has technically wiped out Museveni’s P5 militia which were created and deployed in bases in Congo as part of the Rwanda destabilisation project.

So, as Museveni licks his wounds, he would like the world to believe that what is happening in DR Congo is not its initiative to get rid of terror groups but bid by Rwanda to annex the Eastern part of Congo.

In Corrupt Museveni’s theory, the annexation would involve a territory covering an area of 1,537,867 km² which would be bigger than a combination of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania whose area is 1,766,491 km². The problem is that he expects people to believe such an outlandish claim.

Any sober mind would wonder what always goes wrong with Museveni lapdog Rukundo Rugari; DR Congo is an independent country with a democratically elected leadership with liberty to do whatever is deemed necessary to its people.

Besides DR Congo does not make any allegations against Rwanda, why does the conflicted Rugali drag Rwanda into Congo matters? Why write this trash? The answer is simple; he is a hired goon with mission to attack Rwanda and her leadership. As for Spyrepots allowing a Ugandan like Rukundo Rugali to publish this kind of nonsense through its channel confirms that Spyrepots is one of those blog sites bought by Museveni regime to spread vicious propaganda against Rwanda.

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