Museveni’s RNC Commander Kayumba Nyamwasa Loses Sleep Over Arrest Of CMI-RNC Spy

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa, another Corrupt Museveni’s stooge, is the orchestrator of grenade attacks on innocent civilians in Kigali and terrorist militias in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The confused stooge Nyamwasa is still venting about the arrest of the Uganda regime spy. The leader of the Rwandan National Congress terrorist movement is finding it impossible to comprehend that his network in Rwanda was unmasked with the arrest of key informants and collaborators in Museveni’s plot to destabilize Rwanda. Ridiculously, the traitor wonders on Facebook using his fake account (RPF Gakwerere) how patriots sleep when they intercept foreign agents.

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The answer is simple and obvious to anyone who cares to read RPF Gakwerere’s page. There are two sides to this question: on one side, Terrorist Nyamwasa and others working to subjugate Rwanda to the Museveni cartel; on the other side, you have those working to protect and defend Rwanda from a foreign cartel. It is comical for a proven terrorist and a traitor to ask how those who block him are sleeping.

One undeniable fact, since we are talking about sleep, under the corrupt Museveni nepotistic Kleptocracy, anyone and anything that sleeps in Kampala is under the mercy of a brutal mafia. For 34 years, this mafia has killed hundreds to stay in power, and their kill list continues to grow. Uganda is probably the only state where the President’s wife doubles as First Lady and Minister for sports and education. The President’s son Muhoozi Kainerugaba at 45 is already a Lt-General who headed the Presidential security for many years, he now serves as the President’s Senior Advisor on Special Operations and is the de facto next in line to the throne. The Mafia that sponsors terrorist Nyamwasa wants Muhoozi to take over from his ailing father, Yoweri Museveni, in a project dubbed the “Muhoozi Project”.

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The few brave souls that try to oppose the Corrupt Museveni cartel and the Muhoozi project end up dead. Andrew Felix Kaweesi, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Uganda, tried to oppose the Muhoozi project. His car was sprayed with 77 bullets in a state-sponsored assassination. District Police Commander Muhammad Kirumira opposed corruption and stayed away from succession issues, but he too was gunned down at the directive of the First Lady of Uganda Janet Kataha Museveni, the matriarch of corruption cartels.

The Corrupt Museveni cartel found a traitor in terrorist Nyamwasa, who is willing to have their nepotistic kleptocracy extended to Rwanda. They created a Rwandan National Congress terrorist organization; the Musevenis fund it, support it and facilitate it to destabilize Rwanda.

And when their agents fall to the world-renowned Rwandan security apparatus, reputed for integrity and professionalism, Museveni’s stooge and attack dogs jump on their keyboards to tarnish Rwanda as part of their sponsored failing program. Rwandans sleep safe and sound, far out of reach from a bloodthirsty mafia that has bereaved Ugandans for 34 years and that seeks to do the same to Rwandans. Fortunately, Rwanda has strong institutions that will not fall prey to a mafia.

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