Rwanda’s landmark deal that will hurt Museveni and his Stooge David Himbara for life

Within the elaborate arsenal that the Corrupt Museveni regime deploys to attack Rwanda with online smear; his stooge David Himbara, a failed academic constantly abusing drugs and alcohol, meets his demands. To access Museveni’s anti-Rwanda propaganda funds, one simply has to smear recklessly Rwanda. For Himbara, what Museveni wants is written in gold regardless of how ridiculous it is.

With the recent announcement that Qatar is investing $1.3 Billion Dollars in the construction of the new Bugesera airport, the ruler of Uganda’s demands are clear. He wants the project to failure. His instructions to the beneficiaries of his mud-throwing fund are that they should attack the project relentlessly.

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One might be forgiven for not understanding why Corrupt Museveni, the ruler of Uganda, is so hell bent on attacking the Qatar-Rwanda airport joint venture. The answer lies in his general attitude towards Rwanda and explains why Museveni is openly hostile to Rwanda.

It is no state secret that the Ugandan Junta leader, since the liberation of Rwanda, always viewed Rwanda as an extension of his nepotistic kleptocracy rule. He assumed that whatever role played in the liberation effort meant that he could make Rwanda a district of his Uganda. In other words, Museveni is the uncle that accompanies you to a dowry hoping to bed your spouse.

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He, however, quickly realized that his dream of ruling Rwanda were a mirage. Quickly, Rwanda asserted itself as a sovereign nation and when Corrupt Museveni tried to use force in Kisangani, he found out the hard way. His reaction was to attempt everything possible to destabilize Rwanda and its leadership in particular. Over the years, he regrouped and organized anyone with an axe to grind against Rwanda. Fleeing Rwandan genocidal maniacs, Terrorists, rapist, fraudsters, cartels, were all welcome in Uganda. Initially they received support (passports, money, arms, etc), but it quickly became management, coordination and organization.

The Ugandan ruler mainly attacks Rwanda via proxies he setup on the Democratic Republic of Congo jungles for that purpose. He has so far been proven to sponsor armed militia groups (RNC, FLN, FDLR, P5), there are equally over 20 media and social media outlets funded by his regime to smear Rwanda, and has so far been proven to sabotage the Rwandan economy at every change he gets.

David Himbara, for example, received over $400,000 USD in 2015 just to secure a hearing in the American Congress. Furthermore, Corrupt Museveni sabotaged an electricity import deal from Ethiopia, refused to grant Rwandair common aviation rights to board and disembark passengers enroute, he also blocked minerals and milk exports from Rwanda. The list of his hostile escalated recently, he now openly persecutes Rwandans living in Uganda with his Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) abducting and holding incommunicado hundreds of innocents Rwandans.

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The 75 years old ruler has been trying to destabilize Rwanda for about twenty years now but has not succeeded. It must be painful for him to see how, despite all the hurdles he places in Rwanda’s path to development, Rwanda still triumphed. When Rwanda attracts investors, it is a failure in Museveni’s book. The $1.3 Billion Qatar investment and the Bugesera project represent a massive failure for him. Since he failed to stop it, he unleashed his stooge (his foul mouthpiece) Himbara to tarnish the investment.

Qatar, or any other serious investor, does not care about Himbara’s sponsored fake analysis just like Himbara does not really write out of concern for investors. Investors can spot propaganda and smear, this is a fact that even Museveni’s stooge Himbara is aware of. He therefore writes to please Museveni, deliberately confusing the old man with numbers, while hoping to continue getting his paycheck. For the propagandist, Corrupt Museveni is the goose that lays golden eggs as long as you attack Rwanda.

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