CMI’s Sex-For-Grade Professor Charles Kambanda struggles to understand Qatar-Rwanda Airport joint venture

The Ugandan regime sponsored Sex-For-Grade Professor Charles Kambanda, the mediocre lawyer is way too forward. As a pretender to the law profession, it is highly unlikely that he would be any better in business. The closes the nutty professor has come to closing a ‘business’ deal is when he was at the University of Rwanda (UR then), where he used to transact with girls young enough to be his granddaughters in the infamous and illicit ‘deals’ called sex-for-grades.

But the paedophile now wants to pretend as if he can analyse high profile business deals between nations and multilaterals. The mediocre lawyer Kambanda should be advised to stick to negotiating for food stamps since it seems he may soon be ineligible, and face starvation if Mr. Trump’s recent announcement is anything to go by.

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But now, he thinks he must prove his ‘professorship’ by showing off his eloquence on matters he knows nothing about so that he can be accepted as am ‘intellectual’, something everyone, including his fellow anti- Rwanda cabal have doubts about.

Without making effort to know the contents and modalities in the agreement between Qatar and Rwanda concerning Bugesera International Airport, the crook goes ahead to make a misleading analysis of the deal just to justify his relevance to the Corrupt Museveni regime’s cause to smear Rwanda.

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Perhaps the fact that the nutty professor has no clue about what he is saying is laid bare where he states that “Today, Kagame signed a new “deal” with the Emir of Qatar, to construct and manage the airport in perpetuity.” First of all, Kambanda’s ignorance makes him not acknowledge that the deal was signed between Rwanda and Qatar Airways, and not between the two individual leaders.

Second, there is nothing like a ‘perpetuity’ contract, at least not in this deal since it’s a joint venture to build, own, and operate the new state-of-the-art airport. There is nothing like one party having ‘unlimited powers.’

A shareholders’ agreement on the nature of partnership whereby Rwanda now holds 40 percent stake in the facility while Qatar Airways with 60 per cent, now holds the majority stake.

In CMI sponsored Kambanda’s ignorance, the mediocre business analyst alleges that: “Kagame has kicked out “Mota Engil “, which is false because the Angola based company was duly incorporated in a win-win deal and there are no ‘misunderstandings’ whatsoever, as Kambanda would want to make people believe. To effect the new deal, Rwanda early this year had to purchase the 75 per cent shareholding by the Portuguese firm to hold 100 per cent before ceding the 60 per cent to the Gulf nation’s airline.

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If the mediocre Kambanda had the patience and calibre of a true academic, he would have known that the contractor remains Mota Engil, and there are discussions and considerations underway that will determine when the project will pick up pace and Mota Engil will build from what is already in place, taking into consideration the new design. On the technical side, Mota Engil remains very much a partner of the government of Rwanda.

CMI’s tool Kambanda accuses Qatar of being a sponsor of terrorism, the fake lawyer is not even aware that there are ongoing diplomatic efforts to resolve the misunderstanding between Qatar and its neighbours although this has no bearing on Qatar’s relation with Rwanda anyway.

But as he talks about sponsors of terrorism, he continues to shout himself hoarse in support of the high priest of regional terrorism himself, the corrupt Museveni. If people should be concerned about terrorism, the only sponsor of terrorism in the region is the RNC bankroller #Exhibit1510, not Qatar and Rwanda.

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