RNC Fugitive Nyamwasa trying to divert attention as internal wrangles rock RNC

In a bid to seek his sponsor’s attention, desperate terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is coming up with all kind of lies about the Rwanda’s intelligence agencies. It is clear that the leader of Rwanda National Congress (RNC), terrorist Nyamwasa is still struggling hard to show impact of Ugandan regime revenues being spent on him to tarnish the Rwandan leadership image.

In his post, the terrorist alleged that his fellow terrorist Prossy Bonabaana, Sulah Nuwamanya, and Edgar Tabaro are being targeted by Rwandan security. But as usual, his allegations did not come with any evidence at all. Terrorist Nyamwasa is now covering up the ongoing wrangles within his RNC by diverting his minions’ attention to come up with unfounded death threats of Tabaro, Nuwamanya and Bonabaana. Known to always have plans of taking people’s lives, it’s obvious that the terrorist is looking for ways to end his fellows’ lives and blame the Rwandan government for his crimes.

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In September, terrorist Nyamwasa kidnapped Ben Rutabana, who was the Commissioner of Human Capacity Building in RNC. Up to date Rutabana’s whereabouts are still unknown. Terrorist Kayumba has ignored the various letters sent by Rutabana’s family asking him to bring back Rutabana. Three months after the missing of Rutabana, Kayumba is continuously twisting stories to cover up his betrayal.

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Although terrorist Nyamwasa is struggling to cover up his endless crimes including the grenade attacks in Kigali that killed 17 innocent people and injured 400, he is still inspired to end more lives as he keeps blinding his readers by falsely accusing the Rwanda government.

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