Terrorist Kayumba fabricates intelligence information on Rwanda to gratify his paymaster

As Museveni, the son of Kayibanda grows increasingly desperate and frustrated by the crumbling of his Rwanda destabilisation project, terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa also gets anxious.

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He is afraid that his sponsor might decide to turn off the taps and abandon him, as evidence continues to expose him as nothing but a crook and a patron of terrorism.

For him and his ragtag militia to stay on life support courtesy of Corrupt Museveni #Exhibit1510, terrorist Kayumba must deliver to keep the chief terrorist reassured. In other words, he must convince his bankroller that he is in control of the situation.

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Faced with this magnitude of pressure, the terrorist is obliged to post fabrications on his RPF Gakwerere Facebook page about Rwanda’s intelligence, to hoodwink his sponsor into thinking that he has access to inside information about Rwanda’s security intelligence operations.

In order to satisfy his fraught sponsor, terrorist Kayumba has to constantly keep him reassured that things are alright in spite of the ongoing embarrassments at the battlefront, where the Corrupt Museveni backed rebels continue to be annihilated and routed by the DR Congo army, FARDC.

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In his desperate efforts to please his master, the fugitive creates his own intelligence info and facts; he has made it a habit to announce every death in Rwanda as an ‘assassination.’ Everyone knows that Police officer KIBOGO died in a car accident. To him, no death would occur in Rwanda unless there is foul play involved, just like it has become the new normal in Uganda.

To the rest of us what the terrorist posts is laughable, but to him, fatalities as a result of traffic accidents, landslides, lightning strikes, suicide cases, cancer, heart attacks to name but a few, are all carried out by Rwandan security agents.

You know, staying in the company of his master Corrupt Museveni for too long has had this effect on him. Terrorist Kayumba has seen enough state sponsored assassinations orchestrated by his sponsor for far too long, that his mind now plays games on him. He has been programmed to think that deaths that happen everywhere else are manmade. He doesn’t believe in natural death anymore.

Pushed by despair, the terrorist doesn’t even do a fact check before posting his fabrications. That is why he doesn’t even know that Eugene Kibogo, who was retired from the police force years ago died in a car accident. Joy Agaba died a natural death, and there are autopsy reports to prove this. Terrorist Kayumba will write anything regardless of its authenticity just to gratify his sponsor Corrupt Museveni #Exhibit1510.

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