Conflicted RNC tool Gideon Rugali smears Rwanda for survival and Campaigning for Ndorwa West Parliamentary Seat

Gideon Rukundo Rugali, recently elected to serve as the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) Uganda “Province” commissioner for media and communication borrows from Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa’s previous post to tarnish Rwanda with online smear. He is keeping a promise to his sponsor Corrupt Museveni to produce daily slander hoping to get in return a NRM nomination for the parliamentary seat in Ndorwa West.

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The online troll, Rugali, will write anything to impress his sponsor Corrupt Museveni who placed him under the supervision of Elly Tumwine, the Ugandan Minister of Security, and the Ugandan Police Deputy Inspector General, Sabiiti Muzeyi. This time, he offer a fictional story on the death of one John Bosco Rutayisire with tales of kidnappings and secrets interrogations.

Rugali writes it as if he has a firsthand eye witness when he is in fact recycling an old narrative from his fugitive terrorist boss, Kayumba Nyamwasa. As always, these RNC liars are actually writing from Museveni’s playbook. In Rwanda, security agencies don’t abduct in broad daylight like in Uganda. Arrests are carried out in a lawful and orderly manner unlike what happens to Innocents Rwandans in Uganda. The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) has been abducting, torturing Rwandans and holding them indefinitely in illegal detentions facilities without trial.

The abducted victims are tortured and extorted of all their wealth. These victims are usually given a choice, join RNC or face hell in Uganda as spies or illegal immigrants (all trumped up charges). Rugali’s fake account of John Bosco Rutayisire’s story is inspired by CMI’s criminal acts. He knows CMI all too well; in 2003, he fled from the dreadful CMI to Rwanda as it hunted him down for sipping medicines to an anti-Museveni militia, he fled to Rwanda, a country he now smears on the daily basis.

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Ironically, the immoral indiscipline Rugali now earns his paycheques from CMI to tarballs Rwanda.

The polygamous Rugali was recently fired from Mulango Hospital for insubordination (indiscipline), to survive and feed his family, he now writes smear on Rwanda on behalf of RNC to get money from CMI. He hopes that NRM will give him his nomination for smear and slander, that’s why he does not even bother writing about Ndorwa West issues or relevant issue to his constituents.

If successful, in 2021, RNC will have a member of their Uganda “province” committee in the Ugandan Parliament.

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