CMI sponsored RNC propagandist in Uganda, Sulah Nuwamanya is whining about being insulted, and complains about being one of the victims of ‘malevolent language’. Now, look who is complaining! Yet, the entire Corrupt Museveni’s regime sponsored online propaganda goons spend their days and nights posting insults and what he calls ‘malevolent’ language against the Rwandan leadership.

There is a saying in Swahili that says: Mkuki kwa nguruwe kwa binadamu mchungu. I know the CMI and RNC stooge has no brain capacity to understand this, but it is meant for those who commit evil against others, but complain when the favour is returned. Neither will he understand the saying about people who live in glass houses and advice about not throwing stones. Now look who is talking about weaknesses!

Sula would like to insult and mudsling the Rwandan leadership with impunity. The thing is, he hates to be told the truth, for instance he does not want people to know that the reason he left Rwanda is not ‘political persecution’ as he wants people to believe. Rather, it is because he had to abandon his four children and wife to join his long time concubine, Prossy Boonabana, a terrorist working for Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa in Uganda.

He also doesn’t want people to know that he was dismissed from his NGO job in Kigali after gross misconduct and persistent complaints to management from his wife, since he would spend months without going home or providing for the family. He would spend his paycheque with women at a rented apartment in Kacyiru.

But you have to give it to him about his posts being hilarious. In his latest whining post, he amused his readers by trying to sound smart thus: “It’s true you can’t eat freedom and you can’t power machinery with democracy. But neither can political prisoners turn on the light in the cells of a dictatorship…..” well, don’t beat yourself trying to understand this quote, because it’s a failed attempt at intelligence.

Typical of all CMI noisemakers, they whine all the time yet they have made insulting the Rwandan leadership their main occupation. In so doing, they take the evils of the Government that sponsors them and plant them on Rwanda.

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