Disgraced CMI-RNC propagandist Nuwamanya diverts attention on Prossy Bonabaana’s husband disappearance

Uganda regime’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) sponsored Propagandist Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi wakes up to another fabrication in a bid to gratify his direct supervisor and paymaster Brig Gen Abel Kandiho.

Rwanda National Congress’s propagandist Nuwamanya who is tasked to smear Rwanda, shamelessly forgets that the same country he attacks is feeding and educating his four abandoned children and wife; Nuwamanya should be ashamed for having chosen his part-time girlfriend and fellow RNC member Prossy Bonabaana over his family.

First and foremost the alleged missing person Rwema Gendarme is a husband to Prossy Bonabaana now Nuwamanya’s concubine. Rwema, Bonabaana and Nuwamyanya are active members of RNC, a terror group sponsored by the Ugandan regime to destabiliSe Rwanda.

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Conflicted Nuwamanya and his part-time girlfriend Bonabaana have been actively engaging in RNC recruitment and fundraising activities in Uganda; under disguise of human rights activists, they have been holding meetings in various refugee camps in Uganda mobilizing people to join Terrorist Nyamwasa’s RNC, a terror group that has openly declared war on Rwanda.

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The allegations of Kigali sponsoring Red Tabara and Mai Mai are baseless; the move is part of the Ugandan regime propaganda to create a false moral equivalence narrative about the rebel sponsorship. RNC’s Nuwamanya deliberately avoids telling his readers that Corrupt Museveni is the Chief Sponsor of terror groups that have destabilized the Great Lakes region for decades as revealed by the latest United Nations Group of Experts Report.

Rwanda has nothing to do with Rwema Gendarme’s disappearance; Rwema left Uganda to join Terrorist Nyamwasa’s ragtag militia in Minembwe, Democratic Republic Congo. In their known attention diversion games, RNC propagandists have blamed his disappearance to Rwanda. The #FreeRwema campaign is a scam meant to divert attention to blame Rwanda for the Uganda backed terror outfit (RNC) woes.

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