Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa’s milking of Umuhoza’s arrest confirms RNC’s interest in the destabilization of Rwanda

The leader of Rwanda National Congress (RNC), terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa has embarked on riding on the arrest of his partner in crime Deo Nyirigira’s daughter Jackie Umuhoza. Through his anonymous Facebook page “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere”, terrorist Nyamwasa shows his panic towards the arrest of Jackie Umuhoza. The fugitive fears that Umuhoza could spill the beans on the RNC-CMI partnership in the destabilization of Rwanda.

Fugitive Nyamwasa thinks that all security organs work like those of his paymaster Corrupt Museveni; Rwanda is a law-abiding country where suspects are handled in accordance with established laws and procedures. Unlike innocent Rwandans rotting in CMI and ISO torture chambers, Umuhoza is held in a gazetted custody and has access to her advocates and family.

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Umuhoza is linked to Kayumba’s RNC through her father Nyirigira, a well-known senior member of the terror group sponsored by the Kampala Regime to destabilize Rwanda. Recently, Umuhoza’s father Nyirigira was appointed Coordinator of RNC Uganda Province. Nyirigira has a church called AGAPE Church in Mbarara that serves as a recruitment base for the RNC terrorist group. Nyirigira’s church obtains state support from the Kampala Regime in forcefully recruiting innocents Rwandans into the RNC. This relationship has made the Museveni regime panic over the arrest of Nyirigira’s daughter.

Umuhoza’s brother is commanding Kampala sponsored anti-Rwanda terror group in DR Congo jungles. Another thing that made the terrorist Kayumba panic is the fact that Umuhoza Jacky’s brother Mwizerwa Felix is the RNC commander in Minembwe, he has also been involved with RNC activities in Uganda. In 2017, Mwizerwa and CMI coordinated the transfer of 46 RNC recruits to Minembwe, DRC Congo, where they have a military base. Mwizerwa was on the same bus with RNC recruits who were intercepted by Ugandan Police at Kikagati border. Mwizerwa and his recruits were later released by CMI and sent back to Minembwe to fight for Kayumba Nyamwasa. The Regime fears that Umuhoza could reveal the covert operations between CMI and RNC in their plot to destabilize Rwanda.

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Jackie is believed to have been working closely with Uganda’s First Son Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba in a move to gather and leak information from the Rwandan government. Through her twitter handle, Umuhoza used to post admiring and praising tweets both to the Gen Muhozi and Uganda as a country. She tweeted “Of course Gen Muhoozi will be our next president, Bobi Wine should step down because he can never be a president, he should go back to his music because that’s where he fits.” She also commented on Gen Muhoozi’s “crushed to dust” tweet that “Happy Independence Day Uganda, A home where everyone feels at peace and free. May the good Lord continue to bless my country”. The fact that Umuhoza praised and declared being part of the regime that has persecuted, and held incommunicado thousands of innocent Rwandans confirms the fact that she cooperates with the regime in their shared mission of destabilizing of Rwanda; Her arrest undoubtedly makes the Kampala regime and fugitive Nyamwasa unsettled.

Jackie’s arrest poses a serial threat to terrorist Kayumba and the Kampala Regime, being a daughter and a brother to well-known RNC members, a terror outfit with activities in Uganda that has openly declared war on Rwanda is causing the regime sleepless nights. This is why Terrorist Nyamwasa and the Kampala regime have panicked and deployed all necessary resources to spread a narrative of Umuhoza’s innocence.

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