#32isNotAll; Uganda Must Release All Innocent Rwandans

For the last two years, the Ugandan government has been abducting, incarcerating and torturing Rwandan nationals in partnership with RNC the terrorist group whose aim is to destabilise Rwanda. Hundreds of innocent Rwandans have been suffering mistreatment and torture in Ugandan prisons, and many in the torture dungeons of country’s Intelligence agencies.

On the 21st August, the two Heads of State (Rwanda and Uganda) signed the Memorandum of Understanding in Angola to restore normal relations between Kigali and Kampala. But the Ugandan government chose to keep innocent Rwandans in prison! Also it did not move to dismantle the networks of Nyamwasa. Ugandan has always claimed that no Rwandan was being tortured in security agencies.

But many have been dumped in critical condition at different borders. Something that proves wrong the Ugandan government. This evening, 32 innocent Rwandans have been deported to Rwanda. The world is now questioning where those 32 Rwandans are coming from!

Releasing 32 is far from enough. Uganda needs to release all the innocent hundreds of Rwandans in its dungeons. 32 is not all!

Uganda has an obligation to free all Rwandan nationals suffering from CMI dungeons and other security agencies for Rwanda to cancel the travel advisory issued in February this year warning Rwandans from travelling to Uganda since their security was not guaranteed.

Not only that, but Uganda needs to begin dismantling RNC networks as soon as possible, because there can be no normal relations between States when one is backing groups bent on destabilising another.

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