RNC Shameful Liars Exposed

Weed smoking David Himbara and his RNC lying machine pass the absurd level. In less than one month, they circulated fake rumors on the death of the Minister of Foreign affairs of Rwanda and now, they are circulating an equally slanderous rumor that the former minister of defense is under house arrest. In response to their never ending rumors, the Minister of Foreign Affairs is responded with humor on tweet quoting Mark Twain, “The reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated!”. The former Minister of Defense and current Statehouse Senior Security Advisor, Gen. James Kabarebe simply ignored them. He was seen attending a football match this weekend.

Fake news on Rwandan public figures hurled by drug user David Himbara and his team of liars is heavily sponsored by Rujugiro – or ankle-beeps as he was called during his ankle monitoring days – and Yoweri Museveni. In an effort to destabilize Rwanda, the sponsored RNC terrorist outfit spares no effort online or offline. Ever since they began their criminal enterprise began almost ten years ago they have so far engaged in grenades attacks on innocent civilians, assassination attempts, forming armed groups and much more. Online fake news is just another tool in their arsenal, they take advantage of the lax regulation and publish anything that they consider harmful to Rwandans.

Ever since the US election, most social media platforms are taking fake news seriously as they noticed how harmful to democracy these fake accounts can be. Most measures aim to install transparency of who is hidden behind millions of anonymous accounts that plant fake news and who sponsors fake news. An analysis of a notorious fake news account, “Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere” run by the RNC Leader Kayumba Nyamwasa, already reveals how the Anti-Rwanda campaign intertwined with Ugandan Military Intelligence as it mistakenly sponsored a CMI tool, one Titus Seruga.

David Himbara and his RNC team of liars’ desperation not only leads them to mistakes that unveil their true sponsors, but their fictitious tales only lead to expose their complete lack of credibility.

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