“Terrorist Nyamwasa’s Obsession Tuns Into Mental Illness “

Displaying more of his obsession, and mental derangement about Gen. Kabarebe, fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa has come out with another smear abusing both the presidential adviser on security, and the President himself. Like I said in a previous post, a mental hospital in Pretoria better be prepared to receive this madman that calls himself “RPF Gakwerere on Facebook.

The terrorist fugitive whose agents were throwing grenades at Banyarwanda claims “DMI” is “destroying Rwanda”. RNC the terror group that he heads has been cited by the UN as sowing instability in the region, with its anti-Rwanda activities. But he claims it is others that “want to destroy”. In such a way he shamelessly projects his crimes upon others.

The obsession with Gen. Kabarebe runs deep into his veins. He always tries so hard to fabricate a story that will tarnish the his name. One wonders what the deranged Nyamwasa has against high-ranking members of Rwanda’s security establishment. I can guess: they succeeded, and he is a miserable failure!

I have alerted his people to help find him help for his mental condition. They really need to step up before it is too long!

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