Fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa Is Going Crazy

Fugitive Nyamwasa’s obsession with Gen. Kabarebe has become a mental illness

Terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa’s obsession with Gen. James Kabarebe has surely become a mental illness! For sure, a mental hospital somewhere near Pretoria should begin preparing to accommodate a deranged Rwandan that even in his sleep must be ranting about James Kabarebe. It is that bad!

Nyamwasa’s rantings about the Rwandan senior presidential advisor on security affairs have noticeably become more deranged with the passing time. One day it is “Kabarebe the killer did this!”, Another day it is, “Kabarebe is jailed in Kigali and can’t move an inch!” Yet another time it is the crazy fiction that “Kabarebe is ‘plotting to poison Tumukunde, Kandiho and Kaka Bagyenda!’”

Does fugitive Nyamwasa sound like a sane man really? How can Kabarebe whom he claims is imprisoned and can’t move an inch be the same person ‘plotting to poison top military brass of another country?”

On 8th August, fugitive Nyamwasa claimed that Gen Kabarebe was under Presidential Guard detention. He repeated the same mad utterances ten days later, on 18th August when he again posted on his Facebook page that “Gen. Kabarebe is under surveillance”, and is not allowed to leave his house without the approval of Brig. Gen. Willy Rwagasana.

But today, it’s a whole different story. In his article, Nyamwasa claims that Gen. Kabarebe’s “business partner” was kidnapped, “upon arrival at Kigali International Airport from Belgium.”

Perhaps he has realized his followers will see that Gen. Kabarebe hasn’t been under any detention, being seen in public daily. The fugitive could not name the business partner allegedly arrested at the airport. Of course there is no such businessman.

Fugitive Nyamwasa isn’t well at all.

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