Nyamwasa, The Real Assassin!

After he failed to provide details to his audience as he promised, Kayumba Nyamwasa has come up with new allegations. In his latest article, he alleged that residents of Kagugu, in Kinyinya Gasabo District found a dead body in the car. Allegations he did not support with any proof.

In his story, he claimed that a number of people in Rwanda have faced similar death and alleged that the government has a hand in it. This is one of the many ways the fugitive chooses to blind his followers after he fails to deliver his promises (giving more details).

Nyamwasa fabricates all sorts of stories to tarnish Rwanda. Since his aim of destabilizing it has been full of failures and now the number of his social media followers is not rising up, Nyamwasa has resolved into publishing imaginary assassination stories to rise up his numbers.

When he talks about murder, he ignores his grenades attacks in Kigali that killed 17 people and around 400 were wounded. He is the real assassin!

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