Kayumba Nyamwasa’s false promises

Promises of more details on Kayumba Nyamwasa’s empty articles keep hanging as the hopeless terrorist keeps forging more stories. In his short article headed as “Breaking News”, published today through his Facebook account to attract the attention of his followers, was not only misleading but empty. He claimed that a certain Rwandan Military whose name was not mentioned obviously because it’s a forgery story. He also alleged that the Military’s son’s passport was confiscated and his bank account frozen.

The terrorist further promised his followers that he will provide more details. For example, in his latest post, he said “later I’ll be detailing more on this case.” One can ask the reason as to why he never gave them out immediately. He also promised his audience details for an allegation made few days back after the pressure from his audience seeking him to support his allegations. He said “I’ll be posting the info soon.” All this shows how much he likes fooling his followers and enjoys playing mind games.

Due to his uncertain stories, the fugitive is losing it. His daily stories aimed at tarnishing Rwanda seem not to get him where he wants. He is making fake promises trying to see if his audience will keep up with him.

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