Kayumba Nyamwasa, the anti-development terrorist

The hater of progress and development, fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa has thrown hateful words criticising “Youth Meet the President” a forum that took place on Wednesday 14th August at Intare Conference Arena. In his article, terrorist Kayumba did not make any point but instead used immoral words to abuse the Rwandan President and Rwandans. And this is what he does best.

Being a terrorist and an anti-development character, one can wonder where the fugitive grew up from. All his messages are full of hate and abuses, no wonder his social media platforms were taken down. Now he is using all means to have his audience back but no one seems interested in his misleading information anymore.

Youth Meet the President is forum held in Rwanda whereby the Head of State holds conversations with various categories of Rwandans both in Rwanda and in the diaspora. Majority of participants are youth. It was held under the theme of “The Promise of a Generation”.  This is an opportunity that the Head of State give the youth to freely express themselves and also challenge themselves and learn from each other.  

The 3000 youth who attended the forum discussed the engagement of the young generation on national aspirations for the next 25 years inspired by the country’s Vision 2050 and encourage them to be self-driven to ensure sustainability and continuity for Rwanda’s socio-economic progress attained to date. This is what exactly terrorist Kayumba Nyamwasa is against. Seeing the youth get involved in their country’s development yet all he wishes is to recruit them in his terrorist group RNC and shade their blood for his personal interest.

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