Kigali Arena causing Kayumba’s sleepless nights

The inauguration of Kigali Arena has led to terrorist Kayumba’s sleepless nights. The 10,000 seater capacity indoor arena is meant for indoor sports such as basketball, volleyball and tennis as well as concerts and conferences. It’s among Africa’s top 10 indoor sports venues and the biggest in East Africa. It was completed in only six month. 70% of the staff involved in the process of building were Rwandan and majority of the material used was also locally sourced.

The Kigali Arena is one more symbol of Rwanda’s efficient and speedy growth. All these achievements have made fugitive Kayumba throw hateful and jealous words on his Facebook account. All his articles show how much his failures have affected him mentally and have led him come up with all sorts of lies and forgery stories. Since all his plans of destabilising Rwanda have failed, his only remaining plan is to divert his audience from acknowledging Rwanda’s great achievements which keep shining African and worldwide.

The fugitive has always wished to be part of development events yet all he does is destroying and targeting lives of innocent Rwandans. Since he can’t be invited to any, all he does is criticise Rwandan leaders who are busy attending summits and conferences aimed to develop Africa and Rwanda as well.

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