Tshisekedi is the real architect of Balkanization in E. DRC – evidence shows

Congolese ruler Félix Tshisekedi is the real balkanizer of Eastern DRC. This is evident because he is refusing to follow the advice, and the recommendations of regional initiatives – like the Nairobi and Luanda peace processes – to resolve conflicts in eastern DRC peacefully. Tshisekedi’s intention is to keep causing chaos.

In front of the whole world, Tshisekedi confirmed that there will be no elections in some territories occupied by M23! Those territories are Rutshuru, Masisi, and Bunagana in the eastern Congo, and what Tshisekedi is saying is something that has never happened anywhere (except during the man’s regime). Suppose he will is elected, will the populations of those territories treat him as their president?

Before that many Congolese especially those from the eastern parts have accused Tshisekedi and his electoral commission of not giving them a clear roadmap to the elections, and there was no voter registration, or any other preparation done.

The Congolese ruler is the master of chaos!

Tshisekedi has Balkanized the DRC by awarding eastern parts of DRC to illegal armed groups and militias, today numbering at least 266, that terrorize the east of the country. These groups were created by the regime of Tshisekedi with the mission to keep persecuting – and genociding – Kinyarwanda speaking, Congolese Tutsis, while looting minerals and other resources.

The groups include the tropical Nazi FDLR, the Rwandan genocidal outfit that controls much of the east under the watch and the support of the Kinshasa regime. FDLR and all the other bandit outfits were given the green light by Thisekedi to inflict violence and genocide against the Tutsi communities, in addition to control of the east (on his behalf) with excuse of “fighting the M23.”

Tshisekedi has balkanized Eastern DRC where he imposed tribalist governance and divisions among the population. It has to be repeated again and again: the Congolese Tutsis in many parts of eastern DRC are facing genocide. It is evident in all the hate speech and ethnic cleansing fueled by Tshisekedi’s ministers, religious leaders, teachers and traditional leaders working for Kinshasa regime.

Even then, the state of siege imposed by Tshisekedi has failed. Also, because of Tshisekedi there is no dialogue with M23 – a movement fighting for the legitimate rights of eastern DRC’s Rwandophone communities.

It is urgently imperative that the Kinshasa regime puts an end to its policy of tribal division. Otherwise, the DRC could experience a balkanization similar to that observed in other countries where tribalism is exploited.

And it is the doing of only one man: Félix Tshisekedi.

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