FDLR should lay down weapons and voluntarily return home or die in Congolese jungles

Tshisekedi and his henchmen are always heard on various platforms denying both the the existence and the threat posed by FDLR- blacklisted genocidal, terrorist group responsible for the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. However, the Congolese rebel movement- M23 continues to capture and kill on the battlefield fighting for the DRC regime.

Many of FDLR combatants who were killed in the battle include Capt Nshimiyimana Cassien aka Gavana of FDLR’s splinter outfit known as RUD-Urunana. The slain terrorist coordinated armed terrorist attacks on Rwandan soil, in Kinigi- the northern part of the country. This is a clear sign evidencing the unholy alliance between Tshisekedi’s army, FARDC and FDLR; something that Kinshasa has been denying despite such prevalent facts.

A few regime partisans in Kinshasa who talk about FDLR argues Kigali to dialogue with FDLR. But the Rwanda’s government has stated many times that, it can’t dialogue with genocidaires, it’s rather Tshisekedi’s imperative duty to disarm FDLR and repatriate its combatants to Rwanda for trial for those having criminal records whilst others will be demobilized and reintegrated into the Rwandan society as it has been done to over 12,000 former FDLR fighters.

The FDLR terrorist group has always been at the center of insecurity in the Great Lakes Region, as documented by Human Rights Watch, the United Nations Group of Experts-UNGoE Report, FDLR committed crimes against humanity including killing unarmed civilians, raping women and engaging in shoddy mineral trade deals amongst others.

However, the DRC failed ruler Tshisekedi’s overlooks a foreign group killing his own people and chose to harbor and support them to even subvert neighboring countries.

International actors involved in bringing peace to regional should shun Kinshasa’s misleading propaganda and push for disarmament of FDLR, if peace is to be given a chance in the region.

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