Note to western media: do not mix up FDLR with M23

For those that have closely followed the developments in DRC, and how sections of the international media, it is clear much of it is misinformation put out (either by Congolese regime mouthpieces, or regime sympathisers) to conflate Rwanda with the M23 movement. Any informed observer will know however that much as M23 defends the rights of Kinyarwanda speaking Tutsi people, these are Congolese, because their native lands are in the territory of the DRC. Nothing can change that, however many propaganda lies of the Tshisekedi regime that they are “Rwandan.”

Yet media houses – such as Al Jazeera, the Guardian in the UK, Mail and Guardian in South Africa, some French tabloids, and many others – have, many a time, tried to equate FDLR, a blacklisted terror group, composed of former Interahamwe militia and genocidaires, to M23, a Congolese group of armed men fighting for their rights as citizens.

Despite plenty of evidence showing for example how FDLR is a group founded by perpetrators of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi (founded on Congolese soil) it is perplexing to see how media try to equate FDLR with M23! FDLR should have been disarmed and disbanded. Instead they watch the Tshisekedi regime partner with this cutthroat group in crimes against humanity, targeting a whole section of Congolese innocent citizens) and never say a word of criticism. They always only direct their fire on Rwanda, and by extension become propaganda extensions of the Kinshasa regime.

FDLR not only was freely accommodated in DRC, and works hand in hand with its military FARDC, but its goal of coming back to finish the genocide they started has never changed.

The bias, or rather ignorance of western media when it comes to reporting on African matters, isn’t new.

They ought to do better!

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