The unscrupulous Mukwege’s facts distortion further escalates the DRC conflict

Congolese Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dennis Mukwege has yet again exposed his double standards and biases when it comes to defining the DRC crisis. In his latest statement, Mukwege castigates regional peace frameworks meant to deescalate the crisis and finding a lasting solution to decades-long conflict.

On alleged reactivation of M23 rebel group by Rwanda, Mukwege is very much aware that the fighting rebels attacked from Uganda not Rwanda. They fled to Uganda in 2012 in Mgahinga to be specific. Just recently, Uganda decided to retrain the rebels in Bihanga training camp preparing for the DRC attack. The M23 rebels were later supplied with ammunition and other necessary logistics, redeployed to DRC having Tsanzu and Runyonyi as their bases under orders of the Ugandan leadership. On the other hand, the M23 combatants accommodated by Rwanda, were kept far from the border with DRC, disarmed as per provisions of the 2013 protocols.

Mukwege’s allegations have no basis, as reiterated by the Rwandan government, it has no interests in destabilization of DRC, its interests lie in seeing the DRC government and the UN Forces-MONUSCO disbanding and disarming the FDLR, which threatens its peace.

The unscrupulous Mukwege, a self-proclaimed women rights advocate clams up on the sexual violence against Congolese women perpetrated by FDLR, he anti-Rwanda blacklisted genocidal group made of defeated Ex-FAR and Interahamwe responsible for the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi.

FDLR enjoys close collaboration with the Congolese Army-FARDC that saw the latter signing a cooperation pact with terrorists who are currently fighting its wars with M23 rebel movement. The unprincipled gynecologist Mukwege in his statement omits mentioning that FDLR is illegally operating on the DRC territory (even when he claims condemnation of violation of his country’s territorial integrity) with full funding and support of the Tshisekedi regime, neither does he condemn the war and financial crimes committed by the genocidal outfit.

Mukwege’s biased attitude cast doubt on his credibility and integrity as a Noble Peace Prize laureate. The Congolese people had many expectations from him. They thought he would use his tittle and influence to advocate for rights on various platforms he enjoys globally, nonetheless Mukwege chose fame and personal political gains over the plight of suffering Congolese people.

When will Mukwege denounce the proliferation of hate speech and the current witch-hunt against Congolese and Rwanda Tutsi? Before one gets answers, Mukwege should know that the appropriate advocacy doesn’t discriminate.

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