Shock as Tshisekedi leaves his conflict-torn DRC in the hands of FDLR for European vacation

Social media, vernacular news portals as well as the international mainstream media since yesterday are flooded with pictures of the Congolese ruler, Felix Tshisekedi flanked by his OBs and hot hoes while on a serious drinking binge and all sorts of hilarity at the Spanish seaside resort of Marbella. The country is now in the hands of the dreadful FARDC and FDLR wreaking havoc everywhere.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg on Tshisekedi’s luxurious vacation. He is extravagantly enjoying the Spanish high-end resort area despite the ongoing civil war which is increasingly ravaging his country.

It is public knowledge that FDLR – the notorious group born of ex-FAR and Interahamwe genocidaires are at the forefront of fighting alongside the Congolese army (FARDC) in the war opposing the national forces with M23 rebel group.

That’s while the Luanda summit roadmap that the Heads of States of Rwanda, DR Congo and Angola reached a fortnight ago provides among other things the immediate defeat of the FDLR and its splinter groups; something that Kinshasa is reluctant to do.

Tshisekedi has added insult to injury by opting to run away from his responsibilities as the president while disparaging the current situation and flew miles away for a vacation; what a heartless ruler! I pity whoever believes in this man’s patriotism, let alone his Pan- Africanism.

Indeed, Kinshasa has been steadfastly ignoring the impetus behind the current mayhem: the rampant internal conflicts and inability to address them as well as DR Congo’s unholy alliance with FDLR.

The more Tshisekedi delays the implementation of the EAC Heads of State conclave and the Luanda roadmap’s provisions on the pacification of the eastern Congo, the more he exacerbates the problems that will eventually boomerang on his regime.

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