Tshisekedi and his henchmen disregard the Nairobi and Luanda roadmaps, turn to lobbying which exposed their constant dishonesty and failure to redeem country

With the incessant internal conflicts within DRC, Tshisekedi and his henchmen keep straying from the road to solving the real issues faced by Congolese people as they continue cynical tactics that intend to impugn Rwanda.

The EAC Heads of State conclave in Nairobi and the Tripartite Summit in Luanda were a waste of time for the Congolese leaders. Tshisekedi and his government pretended to welcome the idea that their issue is internal. However, they kept their tired narrative that “Rwanda support M23”, even after failure to produce convincing evidence to back their allegations.

Subsequently, Tshisekedi extended his lobbying campaigns to the regional countries and beyond. He has been sending emissaries publicly and clandestinely to earn sympathy from regional and world leaders. Huge funds have already been dispatched in the attempt to drum up support from foreign governments and states for the ongoing campaign to impugn Rwanda.

This campaign joined another one Tshisekedi and his authorities started a bit early, where they signed millions of dollars’ worth contracts with lobbyist groups to influence decision makers on the DRC conflict and support their allegations that Rwanda supports a M23 that they label as a “terrorist outfit.” This is their desire that would result in M23 being designated as a terrorist organization and Rwanda being sanctioned.

Tshisekedi and his henchmen who really know what the root causes of the DRC crisis are but they chose scapegoating to seek attention and win trust of voters. Just recently, the Kinshasa leadership struck a deal with a certain Alain Foka, a Cameroonian journalist to disseminate a fictitious propaganda that falsely implicate Rwanda in their natural resource curse.

All these efforts by Tshisekedi and his regime to demonize Rwanda and that ignore the real issue of DRC and recommendations of Luanda summit confirm yet again the continuous failure of the DRC leadership. To Tshisekedi himself at the helm, the failure only adds him to the list of corrupt leaders who failed to redeem the country from this endless intergenerational crisis.

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