Mukwege’s malicious fixation on Rwanda reinforces doubts about his Nobel Peace Prize

Denis Mukwege has made hating Rwanda his lifetime goal, and whenever he gets access to a platform (which has become frequent since his Nobel prize in 2018), he bashes Rwanda. His actions show this is neither objective, nor normal behavior. The Congolese’s fixation on Rwanda and the time he dedicates to this cynical Rwanda-bashing cause leaves the world wondering whether he ever gets enough time to take care of the said rape victims who are the stepping stone to the fame that he is now abusing.

For instance, Mukwege spends more time promoting a disgraced report that the UN rejected and shelved a long time ago, after finding that the report had irreconcilable irregularities. Ironically, for someone who purportedly provides care and counseling for victims of rape in Bukavu, his source of trauma should be FDLR, an outfit of unrepentant genocidaires who have raped most of the victims.

However, in all his pronouncements and attacks against Rwanda, the double genocide advocate has never denounced the FDLR. Instead, Mukwege has used the platform accorded him by his newly found fame to sow anti-Tutsi sentiments in Eastern Congo, as evidenced by his verbal statements and posts through his social media accounts. Mukwege has left nothing hidden about his hatred for the Congolese Kinyarwanda-speaking population.

In 2020, Mukwege was caught lying to implicate the Banyamulenge, a Congolese Tutsi community when he alleged that they had massacred 220 people in the village of Kipupu. His deliberately erroneous account was to be disputed by MONUSCO who set the record straight by putting the number of people killed in the Kipupu inter-clan fighting to 10 people. However, this was already too late since the world media had already believed his account.

As he rides the wave of fame by posturing as a unique gynecologist who has dedicated his profession to saving humanity through his Panzi hospital in Bukavu, Mukwege excludes the same assistance to the Tutsi community who have fallen victim to rape. You would expect that a Nobel Peace Prize recipient would possess outstanding values of integrity and magnanimity.

But Mukwege’s disgraceful conduct reinforces the questions that have been asked about the credibility of the hitherto prestigious Nobel Peace Awards.

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