DRC authorities announce $15,000 bounty per prominent Tutsi’s head

Congolese authorities have come out to pledge the cash reward to whoever kills high profile Congolese Tutsi in the DR Congo government. They have already issued a list of 10 prominent Congolese Tutsis and published it across social media platforms. This is more evidence of a blatant genocide campaign targeting Congolese of Tutsi ethnicity.

It is a list that comprises of Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi citizens of the country who occupy senior positions in the government, army, and the Senate, according to a public notice issued by “Front Populaire du Salut”, one of the political parties that formed an alliance with President Tshisekedi against Rwanda and whoever relates to Rwanda.

This genocide incitement came at the time when numerous Congolese Tutsi citizens have already fallen victims to the incendiary statements made by President Tshisekedi and his henchmen; something that the Hague-based International Criminal Court (ICC) should consider investigating as far as accountability is concerned.

Tshisekedi himself a fortnight ago blatantly stated, “Rwanda seeks to occupy our land rich in gold, coltan, and cobalt for their exploitation and profits.”

The man was sensationalizing the ongoing Congolese civil war pitting the country’s army (FARDC) and anti-Kinshasa rebel movement- M23. Tshisekedi’s attack dogs were quick to leverage the speech; they brutalized their targets which saw hundreds being gruesomely murdered and others maimed mainly in North Kivu and Maniema Provinces.

Tshisekedi also unveiled a militia wing dubbed “Brigade Spéciale de l’UDPS” which is under the auspices of his ruling political party, UDPS. The youthful members of the new militia strutted around with machetes, spears, and hammers among other crude weapons while intimidating and killing Kinyarwanda-speaking Tutsi citizens of DRC.

The international community should step in urgently to halt the ongoing genocide and indict the culpable senior Congolese authorities and their allies.

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