Congolese authorities now resort to silent genocide

After global condemnation and statements issued by the United Nations against hate speech and acts of genocide, Congolese authorities, for fear of being held accountable internationally, are committing genocide, under the radar.

In order to do so, the authorities were heard issuing statements that aimed to deflect global attention from their instigation of genocide. They issued instructions to the killers (Congolese FARDC and defeated Rwandan genocidal forces, FDLR) to “carefully conceal” any evidence that could get the international community on their case.

The so-called “humanitarian” Nobel Peace Laureate Denis Mukwege has advised the gangs and militias to stop filming their heinous acts. Mukwege is more interested in covering up for genocide, telling the killers that “filming is what exposes them to international scrutiny.”

Mukwege’s advice comes at a time when the DRC authorities have issued lists of high profile Congolese Tutsis targeted for elimination. This is reminiscent of the 1994 genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. The only difference here is that hefty bounties have been placed on the targeted victims. Someone that kills a Tutsi is promised 15,000 dollars, in addition to a monthly stipend for the duration of 5 years. That will wildly motivate FARDC and ordinary FDLR who normally would kill even to loot someone’s food!

Meanwhile, Congolese authorities have also motivated Mai Mai militias to attack Tutsi Congolese pastoral communities of Minembwe. Like Interahamwe, they are using crude weapons, to massacre innocent Banyamulenge pastoralists, burn their dwellings and steal and slaughter their cattle. Wherever the pastoral communities fight off the Mai Mai, the FARDC have been intervening on the side of the militias. Hundreds of Banyamulenge have died while thousands others have fled into the jungles as the hunt continues.

The Congolese authorities are committing this silent genocide because they are aware that the world is pre-occupied with other matters, such as the Russia-Ukraine war. Tshisekedi is using that as cover to quickly conduct his campaign of mass extermination of Congo Tutsi communities, while continuously leveling false accusations against Rwanda (as a smokescreen).

Tshisekedi can fool very few people.

The truth isn’t hidden.

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