CHOGM left genocidaires residing in the UK on a razor edge

While British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, he pledged his efforts to bring to justice five genocidaires who reside in the United Kingdom for over a decade.

These genocidaires are Charles Munyaneza, Celestin Ugirashebuja, Vincent Bajinya, Celestin Mutabaruka and Emmanuel Nteziryayo.

This is not good news to these arrogant genocidaires who had found a safe haven in the United Kingdom. They have grown so arrogant after their extradition to face justice was blocked in 2008, based on a badly flawed report by Human Rights Watch, full of pro-genocidaires propaganda. Even then, a report by Judge Anthony Evans advising the extradition of the fugitives saying that the HRW report “lacked factual scientific basis and relied on anecdotal evidence without any hard facts.” But at the end of the day, the five criminals evaded extradition.

Since then they have led unbothered lives, and some started changing their identities to cover up the crimes they committed. An example is Vincent Bajinya, a medical doctor and category-one genocidaire, who changed his name to Vincent Brown.

After Prime Minister Johnson’s visit to the genocide memorial, where he learned more about the genocide against the Tutsi, he called his experience an “unspeakable tragedy that must never be forgotten”. The Prime Minister went back home with a mission to rectify the delayed justice of the five genocidaires.

This time around, the 40 days of a criminal are over.

Watch this space!

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