Visiting British MPs should not fall into convicted criminal IVU’s trap; she’s a genocide ideologue not an “opposition leader”

Unrepentant genocide denier Ingabire Victoire Umuhoza (IVU) fought tooth and nail to have CHOGM canceled. After realizing that her lies could not yield the results she wanted, she is now lying to visiting British Members of Parliament. This convicted genocide denier claims the mantle of “opposition leader”, but her real agenda is terrorism and genocide.

British MPs Chi Onwurah and Harriett Baldwin are welcome to Rwanda, however is important to choose wisely whom to meet and not. Individuals with criminal records such as IVU must be avoided for their toxic and divisive agenda that aims at drawing the country back into the darkest days of the genocide.

Yesterday, on the first day of Commonwealth Women Forum, the British legislators visited IVU at her home in Kigali, where no doubt she spouted her negativist agenda. The legislators should know that Ingabire is not what she claims to be. She is not an “opposition leader” and has no registered political party in Rwanda.

The British MPs also ought to note that Ingabire has led various terrorist groups that have staged armed attacks on Rwanda, killing scores of unarmed civilians, leaving many with lifelong injuries, while their properties were looted, and destroyed.

The unaware legislators visited a woman who led the online defamatory campaign to sabotage CHOGM through her social media platforms and her lobbyists across Europe. Obviously she could never succeed, but this shows who she is.

The MPs should also know how she has been playing politics through methods such as the “double genocide” theory, which tries to negate the Genocide Against the Tutsi with concocted and vile lie that there also was a genocide of Hutus! Unrepentant revisionist she is.

Any decent human being can’t take her words at face value.

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