British High Court rules in favour of the Rwanda-UK Migration Partnership Deal

Yesterday on 10th June, the High Court in London ruled that British government should proceed with sending asylum seekers to Rwanda effective this coming week. The decision did not only enrage the anti-Rwanda campaigners but also further exposed their continuous cheap propaganda against Rwanda and her leadership.

Rwanda and UK partnership pact has won over those who were being paid by human trafficking cartels to demonize the deal because they benefit from desperate refugees and asylum seekers schemes.

It should sink in the minds of the funded noisemakers that Rwanda was chosen due to her outstanding safety, a fast-growing economy not by favour. They denying belittling Rwanda even when they are presented with tangible facts; they can only share falsehoods to slander both UK and Rwanda governments, however they will keep failing as they did in the court of law.

It’s important to highlight that Rwanda has previously welcomed refugees from different countries who were compassionately offered protection, job opportunities to mention but a few. The same even more of such will be extended to asylum seekers who are soon set arrive in the country.

All these anti-Rwanda propagandists and UK naysayers who sabotaged the UK and Rwanda Migration Partnership deal from the beginning should sit back and watch the space while asylum seekers land in the country of a thousand hills. They are in the safe hands.

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