Rwanda will never yield to any attempts to bring back “Power” extremism

Recently, Rwanda underwent several provocations by FARDC in collaboration with FDLR. The two shelled our country and scared some residents. Some Congolese officials also incited a hate and war-mongering rhetoric based on fallacious allegations that “Rwanda supports M23”. In a blink of an eye, videos of Congolese people carrying machetes and sticks appeared with the same rhetoric of their officials attacking Rwanda. Our nation stayed static and in awe of the frivolous attacks.

Anti- Rwanda elements, scoundrels they are, they all left the whole country in the lurch and started pushing their usual heinous gambits that scapegoat Rwanda. We saw progenies of genocidaires and other genocide fugitives in their cliques, Jambo ASBL and FDU Inkingi trying to sanctify the FDLR and FARDC collaboration, seeking for Rwanda to be sanctioned using their venomous statements but still, a voice in the wilderness.

This only shows their deep-sited hatred towards Rwanda’s aims at the resurgence of Hutu power. However, these rogues have never learned that the nation that was inflicted by such ideology almost three decades ago, has moved on.

For any attempt of these rogue groups and elements to bring back their evil ideologies, Rwanda as a nation will never yield, nor rest being vigilant.

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