FDLR confirms collaboration with FARDC

Its now official that the anti-Rwanda blacklisted genocidal group- FDLR has always been partners of the FARDC despite the vehement denials by latter’s leadership, cognissant that by smooching with a designated terrorist group the Congolese army were violating international laws.

Brushing aside the lame denials by their sponsors, the FDLR came out to confirm that collaboration and even vowed to stick with them to fight what they called “designs by the Tutsi to balkanise the Congolese terrirtory”.

The FDLR terrorists released the statement on the same day rockets were fired into the Rwandan territory from the side of DR Congo, in areas where FARDC and FDLR were conducting joint operations against M23 rebels.

With this declaration by FDLR, the International Community doesnt need any further pursuasion to make a timely intervention to call DR Congo authorities to order and even prescribe sanctions. Inaction would escalate the proliferation of hate speech and genocide ideology which is starting to bear the face of what happened in Rwanda in 1994, and could throw the entire region in turmoil once again. DR Congo’s blame games were a smokescreen for their sinister agenda of provoking Rwanda into a fight to justify their systemic failures.

And since it was their reveal-all moment, FDLR could not resist not mentioning their silent partner- MONUSCO, who have protected them for years on grounds of mining businesses. They even called on them to avail assistance to them to fight “the Tutsi.”

This is the time for the International Community to activate their “Never Again!” commitment or else the world will experience the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi like tragedy.

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