BUSTED: FARDC, FDLR strike a deal to release detained “senior” combatants of the terrorist militia

The DR Congo army (FARDC) has, in a new malevolent twist, started releasing fighters of the FDLR – the notorious group born of ex-FAR and Interahamwe genocidaires – that have been incarcerated in the army’s prisons across the country.

The exercise is part of the “Pinga agreement” that the two parties recently reached in Rutshuru territory in an attempt “to fast-track” the ongoing clashes pitting FARDC-FDLR and M23 rebels, this blog site has reliably learnt.

FDLR senior terrorists being released are ruthless criminals who had been court-martialed for war crimes, rape and extrajudicial killings among other crimes against humanity that they committed in areas under control of the anti-Rwanda outfit.

They include “Maj” Sabimana a.k.a Mugisha Vainqueur, “Major” Kizito, “Maj.” Lugasi and FDLR’s “political commissar” Enock who was detained in Makala-based FARDC’s prison.

The development comes at the time when FDLR has lately acknowledged that it is currently fighting alongside FARDC “to get rid of the Kagame dictatorship” something that indeed quashed doubts about the FARDC-FDLR alliance in the ongoing Congolese civil war in which the Congolese authorities are dragging Rwanda into their purely internal matter.

FDLR is majorly comprised of remnant masterminds of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi who at different times plotted hit-and-run attacks on the Rwandan soil and were repelled back.

Rwanda’s demand to the DRC authorities has always been to arrest FDLR criminals, bring them to book or deport them to their native country for trial; something that always falls on a deaf ear. Rather, DRC opted to give FDLR a semblance of legitimacy, notwithstanding the history and the gravity of its crimes.

However, the status quo has to change as far as regional stability is concerned. Regional mechanism will be followed to have these criminals held to account.

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