Unrepentant criminal IVU entangled in her web of lies, again!

Social media is awash with laughter following a dramatic scene where the convicted genocide denier shared an obituary of one of his henchmen whom the scoundrel woman claims went “missing” but over a disorienting time.

Ingabire, a paroled convicted criminal, blatantly cried crocodile tears while lamenting that the man she alleges disappeared, Venant Abayisenga, justifies what she refers to as “her struggle for the establishment of rule of law” in Rwanda. Very laughable given Ingabire’s criminality!

However, the fictitious rhetoric was quick to boomerang on the woman with tweeps assuring her that they are used to her incessant gibberish that she advances in her futile efforts to win an accolade of a “legitimate opposition figure.”

It is not the first time Ingabire claimed someone is missing. In a previous similar state of affairs, she raised a fake alarm that “FDU Inkingi members have gone missing!” These people, however, were later found amongst the so-called P5 group – a consortium of illegal armed or terrorist outfits that operated in eastern DRC.

One such “missing person” was an individual called Gaston Munyabugingo, whom the law enforcers caught in the act while attempting to flee Rwanda to join P5 militias in their hideouts in Eastern Congo.

In September 2018, the unrepentant and heartless criminal benefited from presidential clemency to be released from prison, only to abuse that clemency.

The unrepentant criminal is increasingly committing crimes that ought to go unnoticed as far as accountability is concerned, and she ignores that she is yet to enjoy full freedom as per provisions of article 250 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (Law No. 30/2013 of 24/5/2013).

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