Genocide apologists Jambo ASBL openly endorse DRC rhetoric of genocide, and admits to fighting alongside FARDC and FDLR to attack Rwanda

The Europe-based group of offspring of fugitives of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi, “Jambo asbl” has come out to pledge “its full support” to those who are currently fueling anti-Rwandophone Congolese and anti-Tutsi hate speech and conspiracy theories.

This was in a communiqué that the group issued over the weekend playing sympathy card while calling for the international community to impose “exemplary sanctions” on their native country, Rwanda.

The communiqué came at the time when social media was awash with incessant incendiary statements against Rwandophone Congolese with some Congolese nationals vowing to “get rid of Tutsi” from Rwanda and Congo in what seems to be another Genocide against Tutsi in the offing.

Without beating around the bush, members of Jambo admitted of being in the same boat as those Congolese in the former’s apparent plot to accomplish in any way possible the genocidal plan that their parents failed to achieve 28 years ago.

On the other hand, Rwanda has made it clear that the country has nothing to do with the ongoing clashes pitting Congolese armed forces-FARDC and M23 rebels, emphasizing that it is a Congo’s internal problem that should be addressed by its government.

This is not the first time that Jambo ASBL conspires to harm Rwandans, in 2014 the group’s former “president” Placide Kayumba flew out to the hideouts of FDLR genocidal and terrorist outfit to ask what could be done by Jambo to help in their terror activities, the answer was “buy us arms to overthrow Kagame”.

Little did Jambo members and sympathizers know that they are simply flogging a dead horse. “Uwabatsinze ntaho yagiye!” They will simply bear the consequence as no one has ever succeeded in messing up with Rwandans.

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