Terrorist Nyamwasa attempts to demonise Rwanda – UK Migration Partnership deal in pathetic pursuit for relevance

Self-exiled commander-in-chief of terrorist outfit Rwanda National Congress (RNC) has once again revealed his true colours as a heartless criminal who only enjoys exploiting people’s suffering in futile efforts to win the accolade of an “opposition figure”.

The South Africa-based fugitive, who turned against the system that made him, and resorted to turning traitor, was last night speaking on Itahuka, the RNC’s hate radio – to demonize the humane agreement between Rwanda and the United Kingdom whereby asylum seekers are set to be sent to be resettled in Rwanda, for their cases to be processed.

Fugutive Kayumba tried to undermine the agreement with all sorts of distortions and gross lies such as that the immigrants “will be taken in while tied up”, but that’s only what he wishes.

Rwanda has made it clear that it only looks to prioritise the dignity and rights of the struggling asylum seekers and refugees. The agreement seeks to break the channels of human-trafficking cartels that benefit from the modern day slavery of trafficking human beings to Europe for illegal exploitation. So many of these people die in the Mediterranean Sea, in the Sahara desert, and in awful transit centres in European countries.

Whatever lies the likes of Nyamwasa peddle, Rwanda wants to give the exploited, trafficked people decent homes and dignity because Rwanda as a country whose people haveendured the same plight of seeking safety and opportunity in other countries given its recent history, understands and sympathizes.

On the other hand, it’s comical to see a terrorist mastermind try to give anyone lessons in morality; a person whose group is responsible for several grenade attacks that lasted from 2010 to 2014, claiming 17 lives and injuring or maiming over 400.

He should rest assured: justice will catch up with him in due course.

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